Who is Daniel Lopez?

I’m an opera singer, actor and model (really!).  Also . . . 

I’m a published trainer who specializes in helping normal people who just want to look good.

I don’t train people for performance; if you want to run a marathon, or you want to compete in powerlifting, I’m not your guy.  I help busy professionals – usually lawyers, bankers in high finance, accountants, and fellow performers –  manage their hectic schedules and get into the best shape of their lives.  My job: to make it as simple as possible to lose fat and gain muscle.

How does that work?

It depends on the client.  I take a look at your life, your goals, your priorities, and willingness to change, and a whole bunch of other factors and decide what program would be best for you.

Some clients count calories, some already ripped clients who are looking to get ripped-er-er (TM) count macronutrients, some work with a habit-based system, either via a pre-established curriculum (powered by Precision Nutrition), or one-on-one with me as suits their lives and personalities to make their diet fit their lifestyle.

As for the training, I train most people through the Daniel Lopez Training App (powered by Trainerize), and others via the aforementioned curriculum.  Which you use will depend on your individual needs.

Check out my different offerings here and see what fits your budget and your life.

Wait . . . you train through an app?  Don’t you see people in-person?

I will, on occasion, see certain clients in person (mostly because we enjoy it – they really don’t need me there), but 99% of my business is online.  If that baffles you, you can read more about how it works here.  If you’ve got questions about online training, check out the FAQs.

With remote training, you and I don’t have to match schedules, book a whole hour of gym time, or even be in the same state (I currently train clients in NY, Chicago, Kansas City, Ohio, Oregon, Washington State, and California)!  Do you wish you could get more out of the time you spend in the gym?  Do you wish “eating healthy” weren’t such a chore?  Do you wish fitness advice felt more applicable to you and your life?

I get it.  I’ve been there.  I’ve helped your peers, and maybe even your colleagues find a way to get fitter in the safest, most flexible, most efficient way possible.  I’d love to help you, too.

Interested? Apply for training now! Don’t worry – there’s no credit card info or commitment required to apply.  We’ll just chat about your goals and whether or not I’m the right guy to help you get there.  If I’m not the guy, I’ll do my best to point you in the direction of someone whose skill set is more inline with your needs.

Not ready to apply? No problem!  Have a look around the site, read some articles, and use any of the free information on here to make strides on your own.  If at some point you do decide you’d like to outsource the mental labor of getting in shape, I hope you’ll keep me in mind.