On the fence about applying? Feel free to read some of my current and previous clients’ testimonials and check out some pictures demonstrating our work together.  I’ll list the capacity in which we worked together for your reference.

Ed (fake name), a high finance banker working incredibly high-stakes deals.

Sammi, a performer, producer, and riverboat entertainer:

This is how Sammi looked when I met her.

This is how Sammi looks now!

Here’s what Sammi had to say about her training experience:

“About a year ago, Daniel and I sat down and had a conversation about my relationship with myself, my nutrition and my fitness habits. I mentioned to him that losing weight is not a priority, I just want to have better habits and learn more about everyday wellness. He suggested we do a year-long habit forming program. Half of me was like “THAT’S SO LONG HOW CAN I COMMIT TO THAT” and half of me knew that the best time to commit to ME is now. Well it’s been quite the amazing year! I made fitness and nutrition an everyday thought. Even if I didn’t workout that day, or didn’t eat the best foods for me, it was still on my mind in a positive light. Emphasis on the positive. Daniel was wonderfully encouraging, knowing that (for me) this is about a big-picture mindset change, not a strict, everyday counting my calories. But he always checked in. If I disappeared for a few days, he was always there to make sure I got back on track. If I hated a workout, he pushed me but also knew I’d have better success in the gym enjoying my movements. So every step was a team effort. If an exercise was painful, I would send him videos and he’d give me tips. He always answered my questions in a timely and encouraging manner. He was my coach, my ally and my friend. Each and every step of the way. I love going to the gym now. It’s my time to focus and be with my body. I love learning about nutrition, I just want to keep learning and growing. I’ve found my new mantra and it has so many facets: I AM IMPORTANT. Oh! and I’ve dropped 33 pounds and 2 jeans sizes, and my abs are coming in! So that’s a fun bonus! Thanks Daniel, I really mean that.”

Isaac, a busy lawyer based in San Francisco.

The time lapsed between the first two photos: two months.

Calories counted: 0

Business trips: 3

Left: February 2017 Right: December 2016

Left: December 2016 Right: February 2017 (I’m bad at compiling before-and-after photos)

Update: Isaac decided he wanted to get into the best shape of his life, so we added some macro counting to his already-fantastic dietary habits.  Here’s how he looked after about 2-3 months of solid dieting.  He’s not QUITE where he wants to be, but he looks pretty darn good to me!  Stay tuned as Isaac approaches rare and exciting levels of leanness!

Here’s Manos, a Greek rock star (he’s not actually a rock star in that he plays in a band, but he does look the part, no?):

Here’s some info on Manos’ training:

Manos and I futzed around at the beginning  while we figured out the exact routine for him: something quick and efficient that he could sneak in 3x/week and still make progress. Minimalist training isn’t the only way (or the best way), and we’ll definitely ramp up the volume after his schedule clears up, but it more than did the trick as he finishes school on his way to becoming a doctor.

As for dieting, Manos found calorie counting just didn’t quite work for him and his lifestyle, so I asked if he’d like to take the long route and start on my Precision Nutrition-powered curriculum. He did, and he’s gone from 185 lbs (he took a couple months off of training and came back weighing 185) to his current weight of right around 175 lbs. I think the pics speak for themselves (disclaimer: I helped with the fat loss; I can’t promise you’ll also get a tan), but Manos’ words about what really helped him are quite telling:

“Thanks man! I feel good, too! The nutrition program was a game-changer. I owe you big time. And judging from the fact that I’m only ‘maintaining’ at the moment we get to see even better results in the next few weeks.”

David, an accountant at a major firm in NYC on his experience training:

A couple charts showing David’s progress while training with me:

David’s Fat Loss Over Time

David’s Muscle Gain Over Time

“I am forever grateful for all that Daniel does. He programs around what I want, keeps track of workouts, always has a positive attitude and pushes me in a way that I feel extremely worked and extremely safe while doing it. I’ve made more progress now than I have ever before on my own. He is always ready to answer my question whether we are in or outside of the gym. I look forward to each and every session no matter how grueling I know it will be.”

A bit on David: I no longer train him.  David was an in-person client when I worked at Equinox (my former employer).  When I left Equinox, I recommended new trainers for my clients.  David decided he no longer needed a trainer, which was a great compliment to me: my goal is to produce independent gym-goers.  Do I want clients to stay with me and foster long, fruitful relationships?  Absolutely!  It is, however, a great compliment to me to have received this text several months after David my time together ended:

“Prep [for my big climb] is going very well.  I’ve got a strength program that I came up with that is based on one of the blocks you and I did.  The main focus is deadlifting and squatting with the accessories focusing on legs, back and shoulders.  Cardio has been excellent.  I’m running faster and with more ease than ever before. . . . I’ve been feeling great.”

Want a trainer, but not forever?  Do what David did.  Hire me, work hard, ask questions, learn, and then take what you learned and apply it on your own.

No pics on this next one, but this message from a client gave me one of the widest smiles my face has ever known:

“When I signed up to work through this program, I wasn’t a fan of my body and the way that I felt inside of it. As I slowly changed my eating habits and built new habits in, I’ve become empowered in my food choices and feel confident that the fuel I’m putting in my body is healthy (and it’s making me feel better, to boot). Sure, I’m no chiseled muscle god- but getting in control of my eating has made me feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally. For example- I went to a gay New Years Eve party where everyone was asked to plan a “sexy reveal” for after midnight. I’ve never done anything like that before, and was always very averse about being scantily clad in front of other people. Especially other gays. But I planned my reveal, went to the party, and you know what? I had SO much fun. I didn’t know anyone there besides the host, but I felt confident AND sexy–and that’s something I haven’t felt before in terms of my body image EVER. So I want to thank you for giving me the tools to get myself into that mindset.”

  • Anonymous (he’s shy)

Justin, a freelancer who wanted to put on some muscle:

Sam, a performer and bride-to-be on her experience training exclusively online:

“Daniel is an absolutely incredible person and trainer. He has been helping me get into the best shape of my life for my wedding, and with my Wonder Woman Wedding Workout, I have seen such amazing results. I didn’t think I could ever look like this and feel this strong. He is always there to answer any question I might have, make sure I’m on track, and his app makes tracking the workouts and my progress simple and convenient. Even though he is not physically in the gym with me, it still seems like he is! The exercises are straightforward and he tailors them to my crazy schedule. I also don’t feel exhausted afterwards, as I did when I worked with trainers previously. Rather, I feel empowered and energized, and ready to eat! If you are looking for someone to change your life and make you feel great while you are doing it, Daniel is your guy.”

Jason, an entrepreneur and small business owner on his training experience:

“I had never worked with a trainer before – or ever enjoyed the gym much at all. For most of my life I viewed the gym as a burden – something I had to do. I also always had a pre-conceived notion of what a trainer was – some type of meathead with a fit body but not so much going for them upstairs.

Your knowledge of the body as a set of systems, and your understanding of how to use those systems to maximize one’s performance is what really helped redefine my perception of a “trainer.” Two seconds of conversation with you is all you need to see that you’re an intelligent person with a passion for fitness . . .

Thus far, in 3 months, I’m down nearly 3% in body fat, I have pecs, I feel great and my wife likes what she sees (which, I mean, come on, is pretty important).

Seldom do you come across somebody in life (who is not a family member or long-time friend) who provides so much “good” for you. Every single aspect of this relationship has been positive. I have not one complaint. Training with you has been an incredibly rewarding experience…and I’m not done yet!”

Isaac, a successful lawyer in NYC with an active social life, on training with me:

“Training is a huge time and money commitment and I was skeptical that I would see results that different than what I was getting myself. I felt that I pretty much knew what I was doing and didn’t need help. I had worked with a trainer before who never seemed that committed to helping me improve.

Your focus on improvements to my form was incredibly important in gaining my trust. By thinking a lot about full range of motion in every movement I immediately saw a change in development.

[Since working with you, I am] noticeably / significantly leaner. [I] put on quite a bit of muscle—within a couple months of starting to work with you people were commenting on how I looked different.”

Felix, a new Dad who works in technology:

“Daniel had a very structured approach to putting together a training plan for me. I found working with him very motivating. He helped me develop the awareness to perform the different exercises properly without hurting myself and he made sure I was reaching my goals. Lastly I found working out with Daniel to be great fun.”