Online training still seems like a foreign concept to some people.   To save us both some time, see if these FAQs line up with your own inquiries.


Q: How does online training work?

A: It can work a lot of ways, and some of it has to do with your preferences, but the basic idea is this: I will ask a whole bunch of questions to see where you are physically and emotionally, and based on that information, I’ll devise a plan to help you reach your goals in the most efficient, effective, and pain-free manner possible.  I provide structure to your training so that every day, you know what you need to do in order to reach your goals.  I also provide form checks, tools for tracking progress, and constant updates so that if something comes up (business trip, family engagement, illness), you don’t have to get off track.

Q: Wouldn’t an in-person trainer be better?

A: It very well might be, but not necessarily.  I train many clients in-person, and I absolutely love working with them.  Some, however, find that while they love the accountability I provide, as well as the structure I bring to their exercise and nutrition strategies, they don’t really need me there all the time.

Q: What are the advantages to in-person training, and what are the advantages to online training?

A: An in-person trainer can help you in the moment if something goes off track.  They can also provide tactile cues to help you get a movement down faster.  It’s also extremely motivating when doing something challenging to have someone there to cheer you on and hold you accountable.  Online training, however, can be much more affordable (I have many in-person clients whom I loved and treasured, but who couldn’t afford me anymore), flexible (I have frequently had to turn people down who wanted to train with me at times when I’m already booked, or when I didn’t want to be in the gym; clients of in-person-only trainers might also miss out if they travel a lot), and allows you more training options (there are varying styles and of quality levels when it comes to training, and your location might not have a trainer who meets your needs).

Q: I just need a workout plan, but nothing else.  Can you do that?

A: I can, but you’d be better served by getting one of Greg’s free training programs.  I provide a complete service, and that includes programming that is unique to you, based on your experience level, recovery capabilities, likes, dislikes, schedule, goals, and more.  Greg does that, too, but i think he’s booked up, so I don’t mind linking his site. 😉

Q: You seem pretty awesome!  How do I start?

A: Thanks.  I am pretty great.  Start by applying for training so I can get to know you a bit better.